The 2020-2021 theme is “I Matter Because…”  To start a program, review the resources below, then contact your Council or Region Director to register your PTA and get answers for any questions or assistance. 


The goal of the PTA Arts in Education programming is to be a resource for PTA leaders in partnering with schools to provide opportunities for all students to explore and be involved in the arts.

The arts—and the National PTA Reflections program —support student success and serve as a valuable tool for building strong partnerships in your school community. When PTAs and schools work together to support arts education, they:

  • Encourage all students—despite individual challenges—to explore ideas, express their individuality and support their peers in a positive way;
  • Provide all students with an academic advantage by increasing student engagement and teacher effectiveness, which leads to increased school attendance rates and social connectedness among students; and
  • Enhance family engagement by connecting families and schools to one another and to their communities.


If you are a school in Denver County, please send an email to Denver Council PTSA,

If you are a school in El Paso County, please send an email to Nora Brown,

If you are a school in Jefferson County, please visit for deadlines and requirements.

If you are a  school in Thompson Valley School District, please send an email to

December 4 – Regional Reflections (local units not part of councils) entries due. Photo/Visual arts entries must be physically received in the PTA office by this date. Music/Dance/Film and Literature entries may be submitted electronically. (This is optional, if you wish to use this option, email a request to and we will send you a link to where you can upload your entries).

January 21 –  Council Reflections music/dance/film entries due via electronic upload (mandatory). Literature can be submitted electronically or along with visual arts and photo entries.  Visual arts/photo/literature (if not submitted electronically) must be physically received in the PTA office by this date.

State Reflections winners awards ceremony – To be determined

PTA Reflections Program Steps to Success!

Step 1: Start the ArtsTake the Reflections Leader e-learning course to walk through a step-by-step process for engaging students, parents and educators in Reflections while learning about resources and tools provided by your State PTA and National PTA.

1) National PTA Reflections Rules
2) Contact your state PTA for a Local Leader’s Guide, state-specific dates, forms and additional information.
3) Kick-off your program with National Arts in Education Week.
4) Consider the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships to ensure your Reflections program meets its intended potential.
Step 2: Organize and Plan Your ProgramRecruit a committee/team of volunteers to assist with program tasks. Also, recruit community arts professionals to review artwork and determine awards.

1) Customize your PTA Leader Checklist to organize tasks and schedule deadlines.
2) Build your PTA Arts Committee with this Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet.
3) Recruit community arts professionals to serve as judges.
Step 3: Promoting ReflectionsAnnounce your call for entries using PTA, school, and community communication channels. Be sure to include a deadline and drop off location as well as submission instructions.

1) Announce your Call for Entries using this themed flier.
2) Distribute the Student Entry Form, rules and instructions provided by your State PTA. For reference, see National PTA Official Rules.
3) Consider these Tips for Program Promotion.
4) Create your own promotions: Customize this Themed Poster (En Español) or have fun creating your own using these image files below.
*Reflections logo (JPEGEPSPNG)
*Category Images: Dance Choreography; Film Production; Literature; Music Composition; PhotographyVisual ArtsSpecial Artist
*Themed Images: Hand (PNG, EPS); Within Reach (PNG, EPS); Within Reach En español (PNG, EPS)
Step 4: Organize Artwork for Judging1) Collect submissions and organize by Arts Category and Grade Division. Qualify submissions according to program rules and address student ineligibility, as needed.
2) Prepare submissions for Judges' review and provide Judging Guidelines and a Score Card to each judge. Judges will review artwork and judging information provided on the student's entry form.
3) Collect judges scores and rank entries. Assign awards by grade division and arts category. Award levels may include Award of Excellence; Award of Merit; Honorable Mention; Participant.
Step 5: Celebrate and Recognize Your Participants1) Use the Reflections celebration guide to help plan your event.
2) Promote your event and celebrate students in local media using this media advisory and press release.
3) Present the Certificate of Recognition and other awards available at the PTA Store.
4) Learn about state and national awards for students and PTAs.
Step 6: Wrap Up1) Thank school staff, community partners, judges and parent volunteers using this Thank-you Letter for Volunteers.
2) Organize feedback using this Program Evaluation.
3) Submit student participation totals (Sept. 1 through Mar. 1, 2017).

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