National PTA
Programs and Resources

National PTA offers a wide range of programs, toolkits, awards, grants, and leadership networks that focus on creating meaningful engagement of families for student success and school improvements. Each resource is guided by the PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships.

Programs offered by National PTA are created to organize and support parent and community engagement in every child’s education. The programs are created with leading expert organizations on topics of importance to our members and community partners.

Financial and in-kind support for local PTAs, as well as recognition from National PTA for effective leadership and engagement efforts. Learn more.

Guides PTAs through a step-by-step process for assessing the school culture and convening all members of the school community to inform an action plan to prevent bullying. PTAs then lead a C4R Team of student leaders, parents and school staff to deploy the plan and create safer, more supportive peer relationships among students. Learn more
A campaign that celebrates diversity and strengthens inclusion in PTAs, schools and communities. Throughout the year, National PTA shares messages about what makes each child special and unique, as well as educates PTA and school leaders about the challenges and barriers that may hinder some children from learning. Learn more.
A literacy event that engages families of grades K-5 students through interactive learning stations focused on core skills of reading: phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. Families leave the event with stronger relationships with teachers and a deeper understanding of ways to enhance their own family reading experience at home. Learn more.
Offers an array of grants, family education resources, and advocacy tools for PTAs to engage families in the implementation of school wellness plans, while increasing awareness about and access to nutritious options and physical activity at school and at home. Learn more.
Encourages and celebrates student participation in arts education opportunities through a nationwide awards program that entices students to reflect on a theme and use art to express their thoughts. The initiative also includes grants for local PTAs focused on enhancing arts education in their school or community. Learn more about the Reflections program.
Supports and celebrates partnerships between PTAs and schools to engage more families in student success and school improvements, while creating stronger family-school-community connections. Learn more.
Increases access to STEM education and careers, especially among under-represented youth, by developing, evaluating and sharing effective ways to engage families in STEM experiences, while working with partners to improve access to STEM school and community learning environments. Learn More.
Celebrated in February to mark PTA’s Founder’s Day on February 17, 1897, PTAs nationwide participate by hosting family education and celebration events. In its digital toolkit, National PTA provides everything needed to plan, promote and celebrate the event. Each year, hundreds of PTAs celebrate. Learn more.
During the first week in May, PTAs honor the men and women who lend their passion and skills to educating children. National PTA has a promotional toolkit for PTAs to engage families in the celebration. Learn more.

National PTA Member Benefits

There’s always been a value to PTA membership. Whether it’s getting the skills you need to be a better parent, to help your children succeed academically, to learn ways to improve communication with teachers, to speak out about public school needs in your own town, or to keep your neighborhood safe, you have benefited by being a member. These benefits have helped enrich the lives of our nation’s children and adults for more than a century.