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Military Alliance
for Parents and Partners

Ten years ago, when a military deployment took place, the communities most affected were those near a military base. Today, with the increased deployment of reservists and National Guard a military deployment can affect a whole community.

Because military families often move, the Colorado PTA has raised its level of commitment to support and include military families in the PTA by providing assistance to military families and awareness to our community members when new military families move into our neighborhoods, our local schools, and join the PTA.

The point is simple: we can never forget that even as our military personnel make sacrifices each day for our country, so do their families. Regardless of whether they are located oversees or at home, our military families provide a level of support and we want to return the favor.

The Colorado PTA will continue to support our military families and hope that the information provided in the Military Family Alliance section of this web site will prove to be beneficial as you, the PTA members, reach out to our military families.

National PTA Military Alliance for Parents and Partners(MAPP)

The National PTA Military Alliance for Parents and Partners(MAPP) is a group of organizations that work together to provide resources to and advocate for military-connected families.

The alliance identifies and addresses the unique social and educational challenges that these families face due to issues of deployment and mobility. Specifically, members of the alliance work both jointly and independently with National PTA to develop a collaborative strategy to create awareness around serving military families and provide and develop resources for military families.

The Psychosocial Effects of Deployment
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National PTA Member Benefits

There’s always been a value to PTA membership. Whether it’s getting the skills you need to be a better parent, to help your children succeed academically, to learn ways to improve communication with teachers, to speak out about public school needs in your own town, or to keep your neighborhood safe, you have benefited by being a member. These benefits have helped enrich the lives of our nation’s children and adults for more than a century.