This summary has been developed as only a reference to all current resolutions and position statements of Colorado PTA. The information has been paraphrased and does not represent the complete position of Colorado PTA. A copy of the entire text for any resolution or position statement can be found by clicking on the title.  Please be aware that many of Colorado PTA’s stands and positions are based on National PTA resolutions and positions statements.




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Drug and Alcohol Abuse (R-1979) Urges citizens of Colorado to support prevention of drug and alcohol abuse through on-going education for children in grades K-12 with a special emphasis on providing parents with the knowledge and skills necessary for primary prevention of such abuse.


Broadening Involvement in PTA (R-1988) Acknowledges research revealing the importance of parent involvement in children’s lives, and urges Colorado PTA to raise the awareness of its leaders to involve all parents including those of all cultures, ages, sex, and family structures. Encourages more involvement of minority parents in PTA leadership positions.

Children of Undocumented Immigrants (PS-2017) Supports the right of all children who reside in Colorado, regardless of their parents’ immigration status, to have access to quality public education, adequate food and shelter, and basic health services and to be provided with the opportunity to reach their full potential and become productive members of society.

Fair Housing (R-1983) Urges housing providers to adopt voluntary fair housing practices to encourage diversity in neighborhoods, thus resulting in integrated schools and more equal educational opportunities for all children.

Gender Equity (R-1992) Recognizes the need to encourage girls in their pursuit of scientific and technological careers; calls for the development of curricula and instruction free of any gender bias in order to provide the opportunity for both boys and girls to succeed with equal opportunity.

Human Relations in a Pluralistic Society (R-1987) Declares the importance of the interaction between people of all social, racial, political, and socio-economic groups and urges Colorado PTA to identify all common values and focus on bettering human relations in Colorado to create a warmer, more understanding climate for our children.

Nondiscrimination/Harassment of Students and Staff (R-1990) Opposes racism and bigotry, and urges school districts to develop written policies to deal with incidents of harassment, intimidation, and discrimination against students, staff, or visitors within the schools. Encourages parents to talk with children about prejudice and discuss positive ways to deals with such situations.


Better Childcare Services (R-1988) Supports efforts to increase the supply of adequate, licensed child care and encourages the use of school facilities for extended daycare programs. Calls for legislation to reinstitute the child care reduction on the Colorado income tax. Asks for employer support of childcare needs, especially in the area of sick child day care services.

Early Childhood Education (R-1987) Directs members to encourage school districts to offer preschool education, allocating a part of the school district General Fund for that purpose. Encourages all parents to enroll their children of preschool age in these programs, recognizing the link between early childhood education and academic achievement.

Quality Child Care for Infants, Toddlers, and Young Children (R-1996) Urges the state to develop licensing procedures for early childhood care providers and to strictly enforce licensing regulations. Urges the creation of a voluntary credentialing system for early childhood care professionals. Calls for continued efforts to educate parents about quality child care practices.


Bilingual/English For Speakers of Other Languages Programs (R-1986) Recognizes the high dropout rate among children of different backgrounds and languages, and states support for Bilingual/ESOL programs to facilitate these children’s integration into the regular school curriculum.

Class Size Reduction (R-1999) Urges Colorado PTA members and Coloradans to make a commitment to reducing class size in Colorado public schools. Instructs Colorado PTA to conduct media/information campaigns to educate the public on the benefits of class size reduction. Directs Colorado PTA members to seek and support legislation to reduce class size and to provide adequate funding for recruiting and training qualified teachers.

Colorado Public School Week (R-1986) Urges members to support the activities of “Colorado Public Schools Week” encouraging citizens to visit their schools to learn more about the purposes, achievements, and needs of our public schools.

Competency Testing (R-1985) Urges members to support evaluation programs that are sensitive to individual student needs and that use more than competency testing as evaluation tools. Supports the requirement that all test results measuring student competency be discussed with the student and parents and that the choice of approved tests be up to individual school districts.

Education For Freedom Project of the First Amendment Congress (R-1992) Encourages curriculum for the teaching of the importance of the First Amendment and the importance of protecting our freedoms by exercising our rights and responsibilities as citizens.

Extremism (R-1987) Opposes attempts by extremists to use public schools as a tool for inculcating youth with their political, social, and religious views. Urges school boards to establish policies for the selection of books and materials and directs PTA to evaluate the effectiveness of such policies. Declares firm opposition to any effort to take over PTA and change it into an extremist-supporting group. Urges Colorado PTA to keep its membership alerted regarding extremist activity.

Later Start Times for Secondary Students (R-2002) Supports 8 a.m. or later start time for high school students and instructs Colorado PTA to encourage the integration of sleep-related education in curricula and driver education courses, and to educate all those concerned with a student’s well-being about adolescent sleep needs.

Leading Mathematics Into the 21st Century (R-1991) Recognizes the fact that the United States is lagging in behind other nations in mathematics achievement, and urges members to work with schools in support of higher expectations and high quality mathematics education for all students. Urges Colorado PTA to provide education about the importance of parent attitudes toward mathematics in building children’s interest and confidence.

Parental Pilot Program – Vouchers (PS-1994) Opposes any and all attempts to implement a voucher plan that would allow public education monies to go to private, secular, or home schools.

Positive Personal Values (R-1975) Encourages Colorado PTA to participate in the development of curriculum in the areas of values exploration so that our children will be helped to develop positive personal values to guide their lives.

Sacrifices of Veterans (R-1991) Encourages school boards throughout Colorado and the nation to provide opportunities during school hours for students to learn about the sacrifices of veterans in providing for this nation’s defense and liberties and of the significance of Veterans Day.

School/Business Industry Partnerships (R-1988) Encourages members to promote partnerships that currently exist and to assist in the formation of new partnerships between the education community and business organization in order to improve the quality of education by combining resources.

Standards-Based Education (PS-1996) Supports standards-based education in Colorado schools as implemented in House Bill 93-1313, focusing on standards for what students should learn in academic subjects, measurements of their progress in meeting the standards, and changes in curriculum to help them meet the standards.

State Testing (PS-2015) Supports changes in state law regarding the frequency of state-mandated assessments, to either eliminate Social Studies testing, or limit it to grades 6 and 9; and to either limit high school testing of English Language Arts and Mathematics to only 10th grade and Science to only 11th, or seek a waiver from the U.S. Department of Education to use the ACT for these subjects.  Advocates for parents’ right to opt their children out of testing without negative impacts.


Comprehensive School Health Education Program (R-1984) Expresses concern about a decrease in school health services and education, and instructs Colorado PTA to actively support implementation of a comprehensive school health education program cooperating with state health officials to identify deficiencies in the quality of health education and services.

Electromagnetic Fields (R-1990) Expresses concern about the potential danger of prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields from sources such as computers, appliances, and high tension power lines, and instructs Colorado PTA to continue to monitor the effects of long term exposure and make current information available to members.

Regulation of Electronic Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products (PS-2019)
Colorado PTA supports legislation and/or local regulation that increases the legal age to purchase all tobacco products to 21, to prevent the selling of these products to underage individuals.  Colorado PTA supports taxing vaping products, eliminating the advertising and marketing of e-cigarettes and other tobacco products to children and youth, and educating parents and other trusted adults to prevent the use of electronic cigarettes by children and youth.

Teenage Smoking (R-1985) Points out the health hazards related to smoking and the alarming number of teenagers who begin to smoke each year. Directs Colorado PTA to continue to advocate against teenage smoking and smokeless tobacco and to discourage high schools from providing smoking areas.

Tobacco Free Schools (R-1988) Directs members to work with local school boards to establish tobacco free schools and include tobacco education in wellness programs to educate staff, students, and parents about the dangers of tobacco use.


Colorado Obscenity Amendment (PS-1994) Declares Colorado PTA to be in support of the 1994 constitutional amendment aimed at controlling the distribution of obscene materials.

Enforcement of Laws Regarding Obscene and Pornographic Materials (R-1989) Directs Colorado PTA to provide information to members regarding the effects of pornography on children and society and work to remove its availability to minors through letter writing campaigns or stronger measures if necessary.  Encourages members to seek passage of legislation to limit transmission of Dial- A-Porn services.

PTA Awareness (R-1975) Encourages all PTA members to promote the PTA image before the public to make known the many contributions of the organization to the well-being of children and community.

Unrated Violent Video Films (R-1988) Opposes the existence and availability to minors of unrated “snuff” films, and directs Colorado PTA to support legislation which would make it illegal to make such films available to minors.


Affirming Commitment to Child Advocacy (R-2016) Upholds PTA’s long history of promoting the education, health, and well-being of children by influencing state policy and laws.  Urges Colorado PTA’s regions, councils, and local units to affirm their commitment to advocating for every child as their top priority.

Colorado PTA Provision for Unit Liability Insurance (R-1986) Directs Colorado PTA to offer public liability insurance coverage to all units and councils, specifies that units may voluntarily participate in meeting the annual premium of this liability policy, thus providing the lowest available cost for such coverage.

Gambling and Gaming Establishments (R-1992) Supports legislation to create gambling-free zones (1500 ft.) around all areas frequented by children, and opposes any legislation that would create a dependency of any education program on the state share of gambling revenues.


Colorado PTA Position on School Finance (PS-1994) Calls for the establishment of a permanent and adequate method of funding public education. Supports school district development of new educational approaches. Supports state assistance in building and maintaining facilities. Supports reduced reliance on property taxes and continued efforts to educate Colorado citizens on public school needs and finance issues.

Crisis in Public School Funding (R-1991) Acknowledges funding shortages under the current School Finance Act, and declares support for increasing revenue for public school funding through a tax increase. Urges the state legislature to take immediate steps to rebuild a public school funding base by raising taxes and to develop long-term solution to resolve the funding crisis. Urges PTA involvement with the Coalition for Schools and other such groups.

Legislative Support of the Public Schools Regarding School Finance (R-1984) Calls for National PTA to intensify their efforts to educate the public on public school needs and public school finance to win solid public support needed to assure adequate funding for quality education. Urges National PTA to ask each state legislature to designate education as a high funding priority. Directs each local unit to become more knowledgeable regarding the state legislative system.

School Finance (R-1985) Declares support for the establishment of an adequate financial base for education. Supports allowing school districts to be able to spend beyond the base and encourages school districts to try new approaches to education services. Supports the state helping districts build and maintain adequate facilities, and supports the reduction of reliance on property taxes to fund public schools.

School Trust Lands (PS-1997) Encourages state officials to take all necessary steps to manage School Trust Lands in their intended purpose to ensure benefits only for the state’s educational system.

Study and Report Re: TABOR Amendment (R-1993) Directs Colorado PTA to establish a task force to study the effects of the TABOR Constitutional Amendment on the provision of adequate health, education, and welfare services to Colorado children and youth reporting its finding at the 1994 Colorado PTA Convention.


Dangerous Roadways (R-1989) Urges support of legislation to make safe all dangerous roadways and provide adequate sidewalks for safer access to and from school.

Gangs and Their Impact (R-1990) Recognizes the negative impact of gang behavior and supports the development of awareness programs and publications to work on prevention activities. Directs Colorado PTA to work with others to provide opportunities and alternatives to gang involvement. Calls for school personnel to maintain a safe environment for students.

Lightening Danger in Youth Athletics (R-1988) Calls for the revision of the outdoor athletic rule books to mandate responsibility to game officials to delay games and practice when dangerous weather conditions exist, and urges that appropriate training be given to all athletic officials to enable them to act properly during adverse weather conditions.

Permits For Concealed Handguns (R-1995) Supports strict restrictions on the issuance of permits to carry concealed handguns, and calls for extensive background checks of applicants. Calls for recipients of such permits to first pass a firearms safety course. Supports legislation banning persons from having concealed handguns in schools.

Promotion of Safety on the Highway (R-1985) Recognizes the link between alcohol use and fatal accidents, and states support for legislation aimed at discouraging drinking and driving. Encourages students to enroll in driver education courses.

Safe Children – Safe Schools (R-2000) Recognizes the need for our children to feel and be safe in our schools. Quotes statistics on school-related violence and issues of safety. Supports programs to promote feelings of safety, intervention, and special programs to help troubled youth, and supports funding for security updates for individual schools.

Suicide Prevention (R-2017) Promotes support for and engagement with programs, projects, resources, and legislation on youth suicide prevention.

Support for the Safe2Tell® Program (R-2016) Recognizes that the Safe2Tell® Program promotes reporting of bullying, cyberbullying, suicide threats, drug and alcohol use, and planned school attacks.  Urges extensive communication and education regarding the Safe2Tell® Program among law enforcement agencies, parents, and schools.  Advocates for adequate funding for the Safe2Tell® Program.

Support of a National Child Safety Lock Law (R-1997) Endorses national legislation requiring licensed handgun manufacturers, importers, and dealers to include a separate child safety or locking device with each handgun purchase, as well as a warning about proper firearm storage.

Youth Violence Prevention (R-1999) Requires Colorado PTA to insist that the Colorado General Assembly provide adequate school funding for school counselors and violence prevention programs, require safe storage of firearms and the licensure of gun show and pawn shop dealers, and ban assault weapons. Encourages schools to help staff recognize early warning signs of violence, provide enough counselors and services for violence prevention, and provide more opportunities for school-sponsored activities. Urges communication about threats and acts of violence among law enforcement and parents and schools.


1976 Winter Olympic Games (R-1971)

Acknowledgement of Legislature’s Efforts to Fund Schools (R-1963)

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome – AIDS (R-1986)

AIDS Education (R-1987)

Alcohol (R-1977)

Alcohol Based Milk Drinks and Alcohol Base Candies (R-1977)

Amendment 12- Colorado Official Compensation and Election Campaign Limits (PS-1994)

Bilingual/Bicultural Education (R-1974)

Book Classification (R-1978)

Change on Local Unit Voting at Convention (R-1963)

Child Abuse (R-1975)

Child/Adolescent Suicide (R-1986)

Children’s Television Viewing (R-1987)

Colorado PTA Ideals (R-1989)

Colorado School Finance Act (R-1984)

Commendation of Dropout Student and Efforts to Remove Causes (R-1963)

Commendation of Loyal PTA Members (R-1963)

Comprehensive Health Education (R-1975)

Competency Testing (R-1978)

Dangerous Spring Game “Head Rush” (R-1981)

Disciplinary Log (R-1976)

Drug Awareness (R-1982)

Early Childhood Education Particularly Preschool (R-1977)

Education Improvement Amendment (R-1984)

Education for Parenthood and Family Life in Public Schools (R-1977)

Enabling Legislation to Enforce Obscene and Sexually Explicit Material Laws (R-1993)

Encouragement to Enter the Teaching Profession (R-1963)

Funding for Public Education (Federally Impacted Areas (R-1973)

Health Education (R-1981)

Helping Hand (R-1986)

Human Relations (R-1971)

Legal Drinking Age (R-1985)

Legal Drinking Age (R-1983)

Missing and Exploited Children (R-1985)

Multiple Membership (R-1979)

Nuclear Education (R-1984)

Outcome Based Education (R-1985)

Parenthood Education (R-1983)

Parents and Students on the State Accountability Committee (R-1986)

Promotion of Safety on the Highway (R-1977)

Promotion of Safety on the Highway (R-1985)

Public Education Funding (R-1973)

Public School Finance (R-1979)

Public School Finance (R-1983)

Re: Learning (R-1992)

Reaffirming Our Faith in Schools and School Administrators (R-1963)

Review of Child Identification Systems (R-1986)

Review of Child Identification Systems (R-1987)

Rights of Non Smokers (R-1975)

School Advisory Committees (R-1975)

School-Based Health-Care Clinics (R-1987)

S.O.S. -Bright Futures (PS-1994)

Special Education (R-1975)

Suspension and Expulsion Alternatives (R-1981)

Tax Increase (R-1986)

Teen Open Line and “976-TEEN” Line (R-1986)

Teenage Pregnancy (R-1987)

Teenage Smoking (R-1977)

Television Violence (R-1989)

Violence on Television (R-1977)

Workshop: Students Evaluate Teachers (R-1979)

Year of the Young Reader (R-1989)


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