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Looking for detailed information, materials and templates to use for budget, vouchers, deposits, minutes, etc.?  Register for the guides for the officers and committee chairs at www.ptakit.org

Bylaws Template – Please email the Colorado PTA Office to request!

Thank you for all that you do for the children of Colorado.

Please know that your Council/Region representative or the Colorado PTA office is an email or phone call away for any questions, concerns, or assistance.

Your officer list helps us provide you with valuable information throughout the year.

  • Turn in your Officers List to the Colorado PTA office by July 1. Please click here! This will take you to Member Planet to complete.  If it doesn’t recognize your email address, please send an email to the Colorado PTA office. Don’t have all the information? That’s okay – send what you have and update with additional/updated information later.
  • Conduct an ongoing membership campaign.
  • Membership Reports and dues are required to be filed by October 1 and March 1 (even if no new members after October 1). Reports may be submitted as often as needed – you may want to file monthly to take advantage of our great membership drive rewards!
  • When submitting the membership report please be sure to use the Membership Report Cover Sheet and submit the membership information using the Colorado PTA Membership Listing Report.

Local Units Must Have Insurance

PTA bylaws require local units to carry insurance including director/officer, liability , and bonding to be a unit in good standing. Colorado PTA has negotiated comprehensive coverage at volume discount rates from AIM as the preferred provider for the Colorado PTA. Your AIM renewal offer will come in September or early October and should not be confused with offers from other providers that might appear to be this annual insurance renewal. A PTA unit may obtain insurance from another insurance provider as long as the coverage requirements of the bylaws are met. When considering other providers, it is recommended to compare coverage amounts and rates as well as the actions required by the provider for covering your PTA events and property. Contact the Colorado PTA office if you have any additional questions.

Purchase general liability, bonding and director and officer liability insurance by November 1.

  • Your unit may take advantage of Colorado PTA’s group buying power and select its carrier. (AIM)
  • If selecting your own carrier, proof of insurance must be sent to the Colorado PTA office.
  • Your unit’s bylaws must be approved and reviewed any time you make an change and every three (3) years by the Colorado PTA Bylaws Committee. Submit bylaws for approval by February 1. Once your membership approves your bylaws, they are in effect. If you need help updating your bylaws, contact your council/region representative or the Colorado PTA office.
  • Be sure to read your unit’s bylaws . They provide the structure of the local unit’s board, information on required meeting dates and other information necessary for the unit to function.
  • Contact the Colorado PTA Office for a copy of the current Bylaws template.
  • Conduct a financial review/audit within thirty (30) days of the close of the fiscal year. Your incoming President and Treasurer must sign the review and it needs to be presented to the members for adoption.
  • A copy of the Financial Review/Audit Committee Report must be sent to the Colorado PTA Office by the end of September.
    • All units must file the appropriate IRS Form 990 (990N – epostcard, 990EZ, or 990). Deadline to file is the 15th day of the 5th month after your fiscal year ends (for example: file by Nov 15 if your fiscal year ends June 30).
      • To file a 990N online (your gross receipts are less than $50,000), Click Here. If this is your first time, you will need to create an account. Make sure and record your User ID and password!
      • A copy of the IRS Form 990 filing must be sent to the Colorado PTA office.
      • Need to file for an extension? Provide Colorado PTA with documentation of the extension.
    • Units grossing over $25,000 for three or more consecutive years need to register with Secretary of State (Colorado Charitable Solicitations Act) for a small fee. Once you register, you must continue to renew annually.
      • A copy of the email confirmation received from the Secretary of the State must be sent to the Colorado PTA office.


Tax Filing for Nonprofit Oraganizations

This is the time of year most of our units hate, tax filing time.  It doesn’t need to be that hard.  One thing to know is that all PTA units, chartered under Colorado PTA, are required to file their 990.  This is the requirement of the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt organization. The 990 EZ or N is due by the 15th day of the 5th month after the close of your tax year.  For example, if your tax year ended on June 30, the 990 is due November 15th. If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the due date is the next business day. Here is a simple guide as to which 990 to file:

  • 990 – Total deposits (gross receipts) greater than or equal to $200,000
  • 990-EZ – Total deposits (gross receipts) less than $200,000 and greater than $50,000
  • 990-N – Total deposits (gross receipts) of $50,000 or less

Remember: You cannot file the e-Postcard until after your fiscal year ends. Need more information on filing from the IRS, or have further questions. Visit the IRS Website. Please submit a copy of the 990 EZ or the electronic acceptance of the 990 N to the Colorado PTA office, office@copta.org  If a unit is unable to file by the due date, there can be penalties and fines.  Here is the 8868 form to file a 3 month extension  8868 Form.

The Back-to-School Kit is Here!

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You've Got Questions - We've Got Answers
How do I get my PTA’s IRS determination letter? Send an email to office@copta.org.  Colorado PTA issues a letter verifying and confirming your PTA’s EIN and the subordinate relationship between your local PTA and the state PTA upon requests.  It will include a copy of Colorado PTA’s determination letter from the IRS.  Colorado PTA requires the PTA unit to be in good standing (See HUGS) before the letter will be released to your PTA.  Do I have to pay sales taxes on our PTA’s purchases?  Your unit shouldn’t pay Colorado sales tax on most purchases made by your PTA as Colorado PTA has the Sales/Use Tax Exempt certificate for use by local PTAs.  Send an email to office@copta.org  to receive an electronic copy. Where do I find the forms for the Financial Review, Membership Reports?  Most of our forms can be found on our website, under the tab Resources, then Officers (forms, etc).

 What happens if we’re late with the membership dues?

 Membership reports and remittance of dues are not considered late as long as they are postmarked by the due date.  If your PTA is participating in Reflections, the Membership Challenge, or other programs/awards, it is necessary to remit on time.  Otherwise, your PTA unit will not be considered to be in good standing until the office receives the dues. Why are you asking for our membership contact information? Every member that joins your PTA automatically becomes a member of Colorado PTA and National PTA.  We only share the database with PTA, Region Directors and Councils. Can we pay for child care providers during our meetings? Yes, your unit can pay for childcare providers, HOWEVER, they are not covered by AIM Insurance as they are considered to be independent contractors. If your membership approves this expense, be sure that the providers have liability insurance. If your PTA pays a contractor $600 or more in a calendar year, it will need to provide IRS Form 1099 and file IRS Form 1096. AIM Insurance recommends using at least two volunteers, 18 years or older.  Please check out their great Resource Guide.  See the Additional Resources section to download a copy. Do we have to do a(n) financial review/audit?  How do we do a(n) financial review/audit?  Yes, this is required by the IRS and AIM Insurance.  Plus, this provides transparency and accountability to your members.  First, check your PTA unit’s bylaws for information on how to set up the Audit/Financial Review Committee.  Then visit www.ptakit.org for guidance about conducting the Financial Review or Audit.  The Financial Review/Audit Committee Report form is available at www.copta.org, under the tab, “Resources, “then “Officers – (Forms, etc.)  Who approves the budget?  The board prepares and presents a budget for the membership to approve, usually at the first general meeting of the year.  When there are additional expenses or a change in an allocated item, the budget may be amended by a vote of the membership at any regular meeting or at a special meeting called for that purpose.  Be sure to check out www.ptakit.org for more in depth information.  How do I get a copy of my unit’s bylaws? How do I get the template? Why do I have to conduct the three year review of the bylaws?  If you need a copy of your unit’s bylaws or the local unit bylaws template, send a request to office@copta.org.  Your Region Director or Council can help with the process. National PTA and/or Colorado PTA may make changes to the bylaws; thus conducting the three year review with the current version of the local unit bylaws template ensures that your PTA’s bylaws are up to date.  Typically the changes that National PTA and/or Colorado PTA make are in direct response to legislation affecting not-for-profit organizations and associations.  How do I get started, I don’t know where to begin?  We know that it can be hard when you’re not sure what to ask.  Read our Colorado PTA newsletters (delivered via MailChimp- check your Junk Mail folder or let us know if you aren’t receiving them and PLEASE forward on to your members!), visit our website www.copta.org, and of course your Region Director or Council Board of Directors, or Colorado Board of Directors are always an e-mail away…

PTA Three for Me

Three for Me is a PTA program designed to effectively involve parents and families in support of children and their education. This program will help PTAs and parents find different ways to volunteer at home, in school, and in the community—all which support student learning. This way, parents can volunteer when they have time during the day, in the evening or on the weekends.

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Are You Ready for Your PTA Meeting?

Here are a few quick tips
 ·  Effective meetings require preparation, facilitation, inspiration and results.
·  Preparation means you come to the meeting ready to state the purpose and agenda.
·  Facilitation means the leader (or chair) keeps the meeting on time and on track, allowing input from the group appropriately.
·  Inspiration means you incorporate activities that engage participants and generate discussion, and you use visual aids to grab attention.
·  Results mean that the meeting achieves one or more outcomes. Share the results to keep participants connected to the work of your PTA. –
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AIM Insurance Rates

AIM would like to wish everyone a Happy school year!   Please feel free to contact AIM with all your insurance needs, (800)876-4044.  Below are the rates:
CO Package 1- $195.00
CO Package 2- $240.00
We Appreciate Each of You!

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