Thank you to all the members who worked hard over the summer to get the Great School, Thriving Communities measure (Initiative 93), which  raises critical dollars for Colorado students, on the ballot!  We needed 98,492 valid voter signatures from across the state, and on August 9th, the Secretary of State announced that we had turned in 130,022!

Now that the initiative has been approved for the ballot, it will be Amendment 73.

Amendment 73 will raise $1.6 billion for Colorado schools.  This will not make up for all the money lost to school funding since the recession, but it will help considerably.  The new revenue goes into a dedicated state education fund that allocates resources equitably to every school district in the state. Local school districts decide where to allocate the dollars to address the most critical needs they face.  You can click here to find out  how your district will be impacted by Amendment 73.  You can use the Amendment 73 Impact Calculator to enter your own information to find out how this would impact your  income and property taxes.

The funding raised by Amendment 73 comes from an increase in the income tax rate for the top 8 percent of earners (those above $150,000) and for certain corporations.  It also freezes the local school property tax rate for homeowners, currently the third lowest in the nation, and cuts school property taxes on businesses, farmers, and ranchers for the first time in over 25 years.


This education measure must pass with a 55-percent majority rather than a simple majority in November!  We need your help to inform and educate your PTA  and community members about Amendment 73.  Use Voter Circle to share with your friends in your email contact list. (Don’t worry your personal information is safe and secure.)  Volunteer to Phone or Text Bank. It makes a huge difference in getting out the vote!

If you need more information about Amendment 73 – such as what the ballot will say, how the income tax increase was determined, or why we need to raise so much money – see the FAQ’s on the Yes on Amendment 73 website.


Colorado PTA would like to recognize local units that are helping to pass Amendment 73, which was Initiative 93 before it was approved for the ballot.  We have created the PTA Amendment 73 Star Award to do that.  Local PTA/PTSA units which confirm they have done all of the activities on the 5 points of the Star will receive an award and special recognition.

Here are the criteria on the 5 Points of the PTA Amendment 73 Star:

  1. Enter the 2018 PTA Voter Registration Challenge. Click here for the flyer.
  2. Pass a resolution supporting Amendment 73. Click here for the sample resolution
  3. Identify a person from your unit to be your Amendment 73 point of contact. We would prefer that this person be your Advocacy Liaison, but it can be the person who is the PTA liaison to your School Accountability Committee or someone else who wants to handle the Amendment 73 campaign.
  4. Advocate for Amendment 73 at your school by doing something like hosting a table at one or more school events, writing postcards, asking people to fill out pledge cards, or speaking in favor of Amendment 73 at a meeting of your School Accountability Committee or another school meeting. Be sure to follow the Guidelines for Advocating PTA’s Position on Ballot Issues for any activity done on school grounds or property.
  5. Advocate for Amendment 73 in your community by doing something like writing a letter to the editor of the local paper, canvassing with campaign flyers, or advocating to local leaders, such as your school board, City Council, or County Commissioners.
    To submit your entry for the award, send the following information in an email to with the subject line “PTA Amendment 73 Star” as well as the name of your PTA unit, the name of your unit president, the PTA Council name or Region number, and the following items on the following dates:

    • Your entry in the Voter Registration Challenge – by Oct. 1.
    • Confirmation that your PTA passed the Amendment 73 resolution – by Oct. 1.
    • The name and email address of your contact person – by Oct. 1.
    • An explanation of how you fulfilled each of the criteria in items #4 and #5 – by Nov. 6.

Here’s a sample resolution that your PTA can pass to endorse Amendment 73 –  Amendment 73 Sample Resolution

Here’s a reproducible flyer to distribute to your PTA and community members – Amendment 73 Flyer

Here’s a handy tool to check the impact by Amendment 73 on you!

Colorado PTA has taken the position of opposing Proposition 109 in this November’s election.  Click here.

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