Colorado PTA wants to thank you all for your work to advocate for Amendment 73! 

A record number of Colorado voters, well over 1 million individuals, recognized the need to invest in our students, our teachers, our schools and our communities.  That is historic and we thank the voters for this powerful statement.

Together, we have changed the conversation and made clear the urgency that exists in solving the school funding crisis in Colorado. We’ve mobilized at the grassroots level, we will continue to make our voices heard, and we expect our public officials to listen and to come together on solutions.

We are tremendously proud of the two-year, community-based, grassroots effort that put Amendment 73 on the ballot. Every time the coalition, including Colorado PTA, faced a hurdle, we persevered and became stronger. From the remarkable statewide signature drive to the overwhelming outpouring of local voices in support of this proposal, it’s clear our work has only just begun, as the challenges our schools face still remain.

Colorado still has the majority of school districts on four-day school weeks, the least competitive teacher wages in the nation, a lack of funding for full day kindergarten students, a growing teacher shortage crisis – and the list goes on.

We have learned together that the fight for an equitable school funding system that provides for the needs of EVERY student is not about one night or one year.  It’s a movement that will grow, broaden, and deepen until we’ve made our vision a reality, and every students’ potential a reality!.

We appreciate your continued support of Colorado students,

The Colorado PTA Board of Directors


Colorado PTA would like to recognize local units that are helping to pass Amendment 73, which was Initiative 93 before it was approved for the ballot.  We have created the PTA Amendment 73 Star Award to do that.  Local PTA/PTSA units which confirm they have done all of the activities on the 5 points of the Star will receive an award and special recognition.

Here are the criteria on the 5 Points of the PTA Amendment 73 Star:

  1. Enter the 2018 PTA Voter Registration Challenge. Click here for the flyer.
  2. Pass a resolution supporting Amendment 73. Click here for the sample resolution
  3. Identify a person from your unit to be your Amendment 73 point of contact. We would prefer that this person be your Advocacy Liaison, but it can be the person who is the PTA liaison to your School Accountability Committee or someone else who wants to handle the Amendment 73 campaign.
  4. Advocate for Amendment 73 at your school by doing something like hosting a table at one or more school events, writing postcards, asking people to fill out pledge cards, or speaking in favor of Amendment 73 at a meeting of your School Accountability Committee or another school meeting. Be sure to follow the Guidelines for Advocating PTA’s Position on Ballot Issues for any activity done on school grounds or property.
  5. Advocate for Amendment 73 in your community by doing something like writing a letter to the editor of the local paper, canvassing with campaign flyers, or advocating to local leaders, such as your school board, City Council, or County Commissioners.
    To submit your entry for the award, send the following information in an email to with the subject line “PTA Amendment 73 Star” as well as the name of your PTA unit, the name of your unit president, the PTA Council name or Region number, and the following items on the following dates:

    • Your entry in the Voter Registration Challenge – by Oct. 1.
    • Confirmation that your PTA passed the Amendment 73 resolution – by Oct. 1.
    • The name and email address of your contact person – by Oct. 1.
    • An explanation of how you fulfilled each of the criteria in items #4 and #5 – by Nov. 6.
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