The Health, Wellness, and Safety Committee goals are to:
  • Effectively advocate for legislative issues related to health, wellness, and safety
  • Encourage each PTA to appoint a Health, Wellness, and Safety Liaison within their respective school
  • Collaborate and partner with likeminded organizations/agencies within Colorado to further enhance education and awareness of health, wellness, and safety issues
  • Develop successful and mutually beneficial collaboration with Colorado PTA members
  • Provide local PTA units with resources and information

Health, Wellness, and Safety Liaison

Have you recently signed up to serve as Health, Wellness, and Safety Liaison for your unit? Are you thinking about signing up, but want to know what it’s all about first? Whether you plan to serve as the point person for resources or you’re hoping to dive in deeper and lead projects to make your school healthier, this recorded online training is for you. Learn what this position is all about and how to adapt it to fit the time you have and the interests of your parent group. Learn about the health, wellness, and safety resources available to you from Colorado PTA and Action for Healthy Kids and how to find resources in your own district. Recorded live by Colorado PTA and Colorado AFHK on February 6, 2018. View recorded webinar.

Wellness Kit

Wellness Kit Program

Action for Healthy Kids and Colorado PTA are partnering to offer wellness project equipment kits valued at up to $1,000 to support your efforts to promote healthy lifestyles and increase academic performance. Awarded groups in the Parents for Healthy Kids Wellness Kit Program will also receive coaching, training opportunities and resources to help implement a successful project that engages students and families. Program resources are available in English and Spanish.

Wellness Kit Options
► Host a tasting event for up to 500 students with kitchen equipment and serving supplies provided in the Taste Test & Nutrition Promotion Kit.
► Support a cooking class, club or family event with the cooking tools and accessories provided in the Healthy Cooking Kit.
► Enhance your school’s indoor or outdoor recess options with the play equipment provided on the Active Recess Cart.
► Incorporate the Healthy Games, Celebrations & Rewards Kit into your student celebrations to provide a healthy and fun alternative to traditional classroom parties.
► Bring short movement breaks to the school day with the activity cards and play equipment included in the Classroom Physical Activity Kit.

Program spots for 2018-2019 are filled. Applications will open in spring 2019 for the 2019-2020 school year.

Learn about the program requirements, current application deadlines, and see if your school is eligible.

Learn about the program requirements, current application deadlines, and see if your school is eligible.

Learn about the program requirements and see if your school is eligible.

Join the Healthy School Movement

Schools across Colorado are forming health and wellness teams and focusing on creating healthy schools.  One of the simple ways to begin is to have your PTA Unit designate a Health, Wellness, and Safety Liaison. By designating this position, your school is better able to connect with other leaders, receive trainings, lead initiatives and access resources and funding opportunities to support initiatives at your school. Each school has a unique culture and may have different areas of focus depending on their community’s needs. Examples of focus areas may include:

  • School gardens
  • Healthy snack programs
  • Focus on non-school rewards
  • Healthy fundraisers
  • Enhanced school play areas
  • Increased access to opportunities for play, physical education and movement in the classroom
  • Supporting healthy school nutrition programs
  • Supporting safety education programs
  • Creating a family food bank

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Colorado PTA & National PTA Partner with organizations to make healthy living easier in your community! Click on an image here to learn more!

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National PTA and Action for Healthy kids have launched Parents for Healthy Kids, a website just for parents and school groups to find resources, funding and training opportunities, and inspiration on ways to make your school a healthier...
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